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CareerMarkers Professional Resume Services is ready to help you take charge of your career. Whether you have an old resume that needs updating or you need to create a resume from scratch, we can help. When you work with CareerMarkers, we will help you establish an accomplishments-oriented resume that will get read!

Why CareerMarkers?

Why should you trust a company you don't know anything about? Mary Jones, PHR, SHRM-CP, President/Owner of CareerMarkers, is an experienced professional resume writer and career consultant. Credentialed as a Professional in Human Resources (PHR) and a SHRM Certified Professional (SHRM-CP), Mary has worked with people from all types of jobs in all kinds of industries. She is skilled in helping her clients discover the "markers" in their careers that distinguish them from run-of-the-mill job seekers.

When you call CareerMarkers to help you write or update your resume, you are making an investment in yourself. That alone is a mark of distinction. Seeking the assistance and advice of a professional who can help you get ready to market yourself effectively will contribute to your job search success. Mary's career consulting expertise coupled with her talented writing skills will be just what you need to point YOU in the right direction as you step into the job market.

The information you put in your resume will point a hiring managers' eyes in the right direction on a piece of paper so your accomplishments and talents will be noticed!

  • Think about the various ways you have impacted the bottom line or assisted with a project that likely continues to make a difference to your company.
  • Be prepared to describe specifically how you've achieved the goals and objectives that were established by you and your company.
  • Take some time to write down that vital evidence or the ''marks'' of your achievements.

How the Process Works

The best way to discover your markers is to examine your entire career so you can become familiar with all of your achievements. This process can take time but it's worth it. You must take these important first steps before moving forward. Allow yourself some quality "think time" and research to determine the best information that should be included in your resume.

  • Go through past job descriptions, performance reviews, reports you've worked on, or memos you've written.
  • Think about the meetings you've attended or projects you've been involved in when you've offered solutions.
  • If you are a supervisor or manager, how many people report to you? Are they direct reports, indirect reports? Specifics are important to demonstrate your abilities on paper.

Although writing a resume may sound easy, actually most people are unsure about the kind of information to include. Careful thought and planning at this stage will be invaluable when you are ready to commit words to paper. The services of a professional, experienced resume writer will help you sift through the information you gather to help you put your best foot forward.

What is a Resume?

It's a marketing piece about you! An effective resume will highlight your strengths and will make the reader want to meet you...which is exactly what you want! You can find all kinds of resume templates and they can be useful tools to help get your thoughts organized. But a template is also a "cookie-cutter" approach to a very individualized process. The words and phrases that hiring managers read on your resume will make the difference between wanting to meet YOU or someone else. You're competing with hundreds of other candidates for jobs, so how can you stand out so you'll be noticed??

Do you know ...

The kind of talent you have? ... How to communicate well? ... How you've been effective in your job? ... What you do better than other people? ... What your strengths and weaknesses are? ... The transferable job skills you have? ....

Remember, hiring managers see all kinds of job titles on resumes but these titles are nothing more than a description to categorize people. Our job is to help you figure out the best way to present yourself for the type of position you are seeking. Hiring managers need to know what you do well, how you've been effective in past positions, and why you are the answer to their problem. Once YOU know that, then you can begin to tell your story. It's all about you!

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To submit your resume, send an e-mail to: Mary Jones

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